Offer - Additional services

Offer - Additional services


Additional services

Our design office, with its many years of experience, provides support at every stage of the project.

We assume an individual approach to the client and each of our projects is tailor-made. Over the course of several years we have carried out a wide variety of projects, we have the knowledge and experience in every possible aspect, and we know what to look for when building bleachers for concerts, as well as which solution will work best for a temporary volleyball stadium. Our strength is also in optimally planned logistics in difficult winter terrain. We are happy to share all these tips with our clients, as it is in our mutual interest that the end result is not only satisfactory, but above all satisfying for the client, for the viewer and, at the same time, for us too.

All the structures we design comply with the standards and regulations applicable to the region. We provide detailed documentation including CAD drawings based on static calculations.

To meet the customer's needs, we also offer advice on larger and less typical projects.

Additional services

Technical consultancy

Based on the needs of each client, and drawing on the extensive knowledge and experience of our qualified staff, we are able to solve most of the challenges and offer solutions that contribute to a very good reception of the final object.


We are open to collaboration with various entities, preparing our structures to interact with broadcasting, sanitation and other infrastructures.


From the moment of quotation until final implementation, we are available to offer support at every stage of the investment.

CAD designs and calculations

Quotations and implementations are based on documentation produced in accordance with current legislation.

We offer CAD designs together with all the calculation documentation required for the project.

Branding design

The bleachers and side structures are ideal areas to cover with advertising nets.


In this situation, we are able to adapt the structure and design the size and placement of the banners.

Associated infrastructure

We are able to carry out our structures so that all kinds of tents, containers, sanitary facilities, catering and others can be adapted to the client's requirements. 


We approach each project individually, using our knowledge and experience to find the best solution together.