Offer - Structures

Offer - Structures


We have the largest and most versatile base of both event and standard scaffolding components in Central and Eastern Europe.

Temporary structures fall into several categories based on their use. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the basic types below, bearing in mind that Pro-Construction is open to cooperation on unusual projects.


Each structure is designed in accordance with the standards relevant for the location, with appropriate static calculations and complete technical documentation. All that remains is for the customer to use it safely!

Temporary structures

Platforms and terraces

This is a very vast category that includes all kinds of terraces, platforms for television, for VIPs, places for tents, for people with disabilities.... etc. Using the scaffolding systems, we will construct an elevated platform or we can level out differences in terrain and prepare a flat floor for various types of infrastructure. A special type of service is field levelling for tent halls, as such projects require individual static calculations based on local conditions and standards.

LED support structures

Structures for LED screens fall into several categories. The most popular is the so-called 'chair', which is a structure with an approximately 2m high shelf and a ballasted scaffolding supporting the screen. The screen in this case stands on the prepared floor. The second most popular service is preparing the scaffolding for the winches that will hold the screen. Very often, the screen can also be integrated into the bleacher or stadium as an integral part of the whole structure.


Using scaffolding systems, we can, among other things, build temporary bridges, footbridges, cable bridges or other types of structures. Depending on the type of use and local regulations, every structure needs to be individually designed and adapted to the site. This is very often an essential part of the additional infrastructure at mass events.


TV towers, sound systems, lighting systems, FOH (Front of House) producers are always part of the production of mass events these days. Although these are generally additional services during larger projects, they are essential.