Offer - Substrates

Offer - Substrates


Safety, adaptation, diversity

An additional product we offer is the substrate security system.

The variety of solutions we offer makes it possible to tailor the offer to both ground conditions and operation.

We offer temporary light protection to allow routes for pedestrian and heavy-duty to protect ground from heavy equipment influence. Floor protection systems are designed not only to protect the surface in question, but also to enable the client to work in complete comfort and safety.


We provide:

- protection in the form of temporary roads for pedestrian traffic and heavy machinery;

- protection of usable areas for stages, walkways for viewers and the substrate for temporary car parks

Protection of substrates


Alu-Trac - heavy duty ground protection

Alu-Trac is another system in our offer designed to provide comfortable access to any concert or construction site. The Alu-Trac panel belongs to the Heavy Duty category. It is a state-of-the-art system for the 21st century. Its dimensions of 3m x 2.15m and a load capacity of 140 T per square metre provide many opportunities for its use in the construction of temporary roads for both pedestrian traffic, light vehicles and heavy machinery, such as trucks, mobile cranes and much more. The ability of quick installations provides almost instant access for people and machinery on a stable and secure ground.

Alu-Trac is the preferred system for areas requiring very heavy loads and high levels of traffic. The Alu-Trac panels, thanks to their ability to be connected in any directions (like LEGO bricks), offer almost unlimited possibilities for any configuration of the work surface. The resistant construction of the panel from multi-chambered aluminium elements allows it to be used as a passage over open cable trays, drainage channels without fear of damage. In addition, Alu-Trac helps to protect both the ground and vehicles from damage, making it ideal for events on sensitive ground, public spaces, parks, sports facilities, stadiums where ground protection is essential. It is designed to minimise damage and hazards to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Alu-Trac is designed so that it forms a flat surface when laid. All connecting and structural elements are hidden, allowing full protection of vehicle wheel systems and no protrusions for pedestrian traffic. In order to achieve the greatest possible versatility, the panels can be laid using machines (forklift, telescopic loader, HDS), but also by human power.

The panel's low unladen weight with a net area of 6.45 m2 gives an excellent weight-to-area ratio. And this in turn translates into:

- transportability - more surface metres on one car

- less initial ground damage

- can be installed without heavy equipment

Intended use:

- temporary roads for heavy equipment

- temporary roads for light mechanical traffic

- temporary footpaths

- securing the stadium pitch

- and many more...

Technical data:

Material: aluminium

Dimensions: 2.15 x 3.00 x 0.048 m

Weight: 210 kg/panel

Loads: 141T - depending on the substrate

Surface: profiled, mounting screws hidden


I-TRAC™: Heavy duty" substrate protection

I-Trac™ panels are a unique and state-of-the-art technology that outperforms alternative products offered by competition in every respect. I-Trac™ slabs are designed to protect the pavement from extremely heavy machinery and equipment with loads of up to 30 tonnes per axle. The panels can be used individually for particular loads or they can be combined to increase the surface area. It is a proven solution that protects substrates from any kind of external interference. The panel is very lightweight, resistant and easy to use. Assembly and disassembly is quick and efficient as no specialised tools are required. Their characteristic modularity makes it possible to create any shape of surface or access road with a compact and stable plane capable of withstanding extreme loads, thus enabling up to 120 T cranes to move. However, if we only need to protect one specific place from the load, we can use only 1 panel, the so-called point application.


I-Trac™ panels are one of the most effective and flexible substrate protection solutions and have a wide range of applications as a temporary surface, primarily in the construction industry, which has put it in the spotlight of important members of the construction industry. These advantages have meant that, in a very short time, I-Trac™ panels have become an indispensable component for serving as access roads for heavy equipment such as cranes, trucks, jacks, etc...


I-Trac™ panels are suitable for any type of substrate: soft, unsuitable, grass-covered or sand. The panel is resistant to most chemicals and therefore environmentally friendly. The offered substrate protection solution is of great interest on the European market. The advantages offered by the use of the I-Trac™ portable panel are being recognised by more industries and are winning over multitudes of new customers.

Intended use:

- access roads for vehicle traffic up to 30 T/axle,

- protection of surfaces during mass events,

- landing pads for helicopters and aircrafts

- parking areas,

- protection of substrate in tents, arenas, medical centres, stadiums, etc.

Technical data:

Material: PPCP

Panel dimensions: 120cm x 92cm

Covering area of 1 panel: 0.8 m2

Panel thickness: 54 mm

Panel weight: 15.6 kg

Application temperature: - 60 > + 95°C

Permissible load: 30,000 kg per axle


EuroMat® is an intermediate panel between heavy and rigid panels like I-TRAC and ALU-TRAC and lightweight systems. It allows vehicular traffic, but does not guarantee that it will work on every surface like the above substrate protection systems. It is lighter and quicker to put together which is its main advantage.

Intended use:

- temporary roads for light mechanical traffic

- temporary footpaths

Technical data:

External dimensions: 2.410 x 1.200 m

Height: 12 mm

Area: 2.9 m2

Weight: 35 kg


Supa-Trac™ is the market unsurpassed turf protection panel system for medium loads, allowing the mobility of light equipment weighing up to 3.5 T per axle. It brilliantly performs on all types of surfaces and easily adapts to the unevenness present on the surface. The system is very lightweight and easy to use. The unique shape of the panels makes it possible, without the aid of heavy equipment or any tools, to secure the turf across the entire stadium in a matter of hours. It ensures the movement of vehicles even when dealing with soft or unstable ground.


Supa-Trac™ is an exquisite lawn protection system that allows you to protect your lawn for up to 8 days. This system offers unlimited possibilities, allowing the Stadium facility to meet the most demanding customers. The construction of pavements, access roads, car parks and even temporary helipads is no longer a problem!


Supa-Trac™ is suitable for any surface, from grass to earth, sand, gravel to hard surfaces. The panels have their own drainage system for water and air, thus maintaining air circulation in the area to be protected. Electrical inertness, resistance to chemicals, corrosion, UV rays, as well as a special anti-slip structure and a wide range of colors allow safe, interesting and aesthetically pleasing compositions.

Intended use:

- protection of stadium turf,

- clean, safe surfaces during mass events,

- access roads allowing vehicular traffic up to 3.5 T/axle,

- footpaths, alleys between tents, stands during picnics, concerts festivals, open-air exhibitions,

- floors in tents, halls,

- play and dance areas.

Technical data:

Material: PP

Panel dimensions: 966 mm x 275 mm

Covering area of 1 panel: 0.21 m2

Panel thickness: 34 mm

Panel weight: 2,025 kg

Weight per 1m2: 9.7 kg

Application temperature: - 40 to + 40 °C

Permissible mobile load: 3.5 T per axle

Permissible static load: 80 T per m2


RubbaMat® is a flexible protective mat. Its greatest advantages are its quick installation, shape matching the substrate and non-slip properties.

Intended use:

- temporary roads for light mechanical traffic

- temporary footpaths

Technical data:

External dimensions: 2.410 x 1.200 m

Height: 12 mm

Area: 2.9 m2

Weight: 43.6 kg